Donor Spotlight: Lando’s Custom Choppers

As the auction draws near, we would like to take the opportunity to spotlight some of our generous donors whose contributions make this event a success year after year. This week we interviewed Landon Jensen, the owner of Lando’s Custom Choppers to get the story behind the chopper he donated for this year’s event.

1. First off, tell me how you met M.R:

I know MR from rival junior high sports like basketball and football. Timber Crest Jr. High vs. Leota Jr. high! I believe Leota NEVER beat Timber Crest thanks to MR.

 2. You are donating a beautiful chopper for our auction on October 6th; tell me about that bike:  

The bike was built from a 2002 Buell X1 Harley Motorcycle. I had a custom frame for that engine built by TWISTED CHOPPERS. From the Buell motorcycle I only used the engine, forks, and wheels. Other than that, the bike is custom. I did all of the fabrication in-house at Landos Custom Choppers. Some of the features include:

  • Bars with a 15-inch rise.
  • Rear fender integrated tail-lights and blinkers.
  • 20-inch straight pipes for exhaust wrapped in White fiberglass to keep it classy
  • Finished off with the paint job done By SIK WERKS in the U-District.
  3. I imagine you have spent a lot of time building this machine. Any cool stories to share about that? 

Cool story of the build was THE BUILD. There is a journey in every bike I build. I start with a vision of what I want, and I tried to incorporate MR’s vision into this bike as well. Although I know he did have a little different idea at the start with this bike, my creative vision came through when I had to do all the fabrication.

 4. A motorcycle is a pretty wonderful donation, both time- and value-wise. What motivated you to donate? How does our cause speak to you? 

What motivated me to build this bike was not only MR, but also another friend of mine and friend of the Woodinville High School class of 2003, Tyler Schrenk. I don’t know too many people that have two friends from the same class in high school that are going through the hardest thing anyone could ever be put through. I wanted to use my abilities to build a motorcycle so MR could use his ability to build a healing center.

 5. Our blog title is Mind, Body, Spirit. What does that mean to you in your daily life, and how would you relate it back to our foundation?   

Your blog MIND , BODY , SPIRIT means to me:

MIND: MR’s Vision

BODY: The Foundation

SPIRIT: The emotional uplifting persona that MR’s Spirit gives me to live life to its fullest.


Check out our generous donor, Lando’s Custom Choppers at :



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